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Skiing, snowboarding, jumping, getting to the top of the mountains is funny whith a kite. Endless possibilities!

Le snowkite freeride en haute montagne, c'est l'accès à la neige fraiche grâce à la force du vent.

Dans l'immensité des montagnes, Gauthier fait danser la Pélican de chez Little Cloud.

Free style et free ride au pays de la liberté.

Here are the best tricks from the Snow Kite Master 2016 and epic kite sessions with the Super Kite Day snowkite camp in the famous spot col du Lautaret in the french alps.



What feeling of freedom it is to fly above he mountains and see the landscape from the sky!

La Dune du Pylat est le spot idéal pour s'amuser et progresser en manipulation de voile de paraprnte.

Quelques grammes de finesse...

Qu'y a-t-il de mieux que de faire du soaring en parapente avec un snowboard aux pieds? Excellente cession mise en valeur par Wareck au drone.

Entre désert et océan, les grottes d'Aglou favorisent la paix d l'âme et l'aération des plumes...

Pacasmayo au Pérou présente la plus longue vague du monde pour pratiquer le kitesurf. Juste à côté, je découvre une belle falaise idéale pour des longues heures de soaring!

Aziz, roi du soaring à Aglou!

Aglou is a  wonderfull soaring spot 70Km south of Agadir, Morocco. You can fly 25 hours per week from october to november and from february to april.

Usualy Reunion is a mountain spot whith a lot of hike and fly possibilities. In Pierrefonds, we find a small mound facing the sea. When the wind is good, soaring junkies come to train free style.

Maido is an amazing paragliding spot in Reunion Island with a funcky take off and incredible view.

Dreams come true.

The new chalenge is to mix extreme sports to get the more benefits of ach one. Here, we mix snowkite and paraglide at the Lautaret pass in the french alps.

Wave Kitesurfing

Wave kitesurfing

Strapless develop much in kitesurfing. It's an exciting activity mixing pleasure to kite and to play whith the power of the wave.

During Austral winter, Indian Ocean is a very good place to catch good waves and alize winds. Here are my best craches. Stop breathing and get into those tons of water! Spot : One eye, Mauritius

Kite waveriding strapless at One Eye Mauritius.

Enjoy the multi camera angle shooting.

Swimming whith dolphins, kiting the best wave spot in the world...  What else?

One eye, Mauritius.

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